Day: November 2, 2019

Enhancing the Part Strength of a Hammer Tacker with Carbon-Fiber Orientation Stress Analysis

Case Study

In order to strike the right balance of lightweighting without compromising structural integrity, it is important to take into account the effects of fiber orientations and material properties in structural FEA analysis.

Stanley Black & Decker (Stanley) engineers utilized both Moldex3D and Altair Radioss in order to investigate the part strength of a hammer tacker housing (Fig. 1). The product was made from 30% carbon fiber-filled PA66, and it was expected to pass the 300,000 life test. With the integration of Moldex3D and Altair Radioss, Stanley engineers can gain insight into how the strength of the part would be influenced by the fiber orientation to ensure part strength.

Stanley engineers used Moldex3D to obtain injection molding simulation results as well as fiber orientation data. Based on the simulation results, Stanley engineers could evaluate gate locations and make sure that the sprue pressure, air trap, and warpage would meet requirements (Fig. 3). Stanley engineers then used Moldex3D FEA Interface to export fiber-induced anisotropic mechanical properties for further structural analysis.

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