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You have dozens of choices to make before taking your product to market. One of the most important being "Do I let the molder offer the same general advice that may have worked for their last customer?" or "Do I make the decision to get the mold analyzed using state-of-the-art software and computing technologies to give myself the best chances for success and reduce time-to-market?"

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Shadow Polymer's goal is making your project profitable out of the gate.



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Shadow Polymer is a premiere partner with the most complete software solution providers in the industry. Our extensive software collection allows us to tackle any job with confidence in the clients native format.


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When partnering with Shadow,
there are really only two steps for clients

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Bring Us A Problem

You know the project has issues that need addressed. Contact Shadow Polymer immediately.

Step 2
Prepare For Your Raise

You just saved your company a ton of money and will beat your competitor to market. Looks like a good year for a bonus..


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Upon completion of your project, Shadow Polymer will deliver a detailed report for your team members to share and review. This report becomes the playbook for the rest of your project.

We will also hold a Web Ex meeting to review the results with you and answer any questions your team may have.

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