Shadow Polymer's Analysis Services are second to none. Depending on your project's needs, we will provide your team with the necessary analysis results to make the most effective decisions possible.

Shadow will also provide recommendations to help guide the design phase when needed.

Every completed analysis comes with a Shadow Polymer report that includes every detail identified during the analysis phase.

This report is the basis for every further iteration made while seeing the design, simulation, and testing phases are done.

Shadow Polymer does not include information that could drag your decision-making team into the weeds. While the depth of detail possible is astonishing, we have refined our reports to only include the needed information for each individual project. You will not have to waste time trying to discern if the information is relevant to your project or not.

To make the entire process easy for our clients we ask ourselves three simple questions during the analysis and report writing phases:

  • Does this propose a solution to the project?
  • Does this represent the 'ideal' solution for the project?
  • Does this information enhance the project or deter from the optimal result?

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