Mold Cooling & Warpage Analysis


In a Mold Cooling analysis we prepare a complete finite element mold model by incorporating various types of cooling/heating circuits, as well as, mold inserts to evaluate all aspects of the cooling’s performance during each phase of the molding cycle.

  • With this analysis we are able to provide our clients with…
    • valuable insight into conditions that may contribute to extended cycle times
    • identify where unbalanced or non-turbulent coolant flows exist
    • hot spots within the mold and ultimately identify warpage tendencies

In Part Warpage simulations, Shadow utilizes all aspects of the Filling, Packing and Cooling phases to create a more comprehensive prediction of the net molded shape of your part. In addition, our warpage studies can be broken down into their major contributing factors such as differential shrinkage, differential cooling, molded-in residual stress, in-mold constraints, and molecular/filler orientation.

This service remains very popular among our customers who examine their part’s dimensions throughout the entire molding cycle.

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