Finite Element Analysis


In today’s 3D world, products are required to do more for longer and it is the responsibility of the design engineer to evaluate their design decisions. Fortunately, we live in the age of computers and have a vast arsenal of simulation tools available to the modern engineer.

Questions easily answered…

  • How tall must I make this rib?
  • How strong is this part under certain loading conditions?
  • Where are the stresses located?
  • How much wall thickness will I need to insure this part is stable?

Shadow has been offering finite element analysis (FEA) since our founding in the mid 1990’s.

Simply stated, finite element analysis is the analytic method of dividing a part’s geometry into thousands of smaller regions known as elements. Then, a variety of properties are assigned to each element in order to give the sub-divided part strength, thickness, material properties and so on, so that the finite element model (FEM) represents your part. The FEM is then subjected to a multitude of unique analysis solvers that will simulate how your part will perform in operation.

Modules Available…

  • Therma
  • Mechanical
  • Vibrational
  • Modal
  • Buckling
  • Gravitational
  • Linear
  • Non-Linear
  • Static (stationary)
  • Dynamic (motion)
  • Impact

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